Transfusion medicine encompasses various care and research lines around immunohematology, cellular immunotherapy, congenital coagulopathies and regenerative medicine. A. Obtaining red blood cells generated in vitro to enhance the panel of blood donors with minority blood groups. Nuria Nogus' group has established a technology for immortalization of red blood cell lines that will be the basis for improving current panels. B. Technological improvements for diagnosis of hereditary haemorrhagic diseases. Francisco Vidal's group has developed and validated new "NGS" technologies in the study of these disorders C. Strategies for regeneration after myocardial infarction. Joaquim Vives's group has developed a tissue engineering product to activate damaged myocardial tissue. D. Creation of a bank of T cells. Sergi Querol and Belen Alvarez's group is developing strategies for generation and ex vivo production of T lymphocytes to treat infectious and oncohematological diseases.

Group Leader
Rafael Parra López

Principal Investigator (PI)
Alejandro Madrigal Fernandez, Belen Alvarez Palomo, Francisco Vidal Perez, Joan Garcia Lopez, Nuria Nogues Galvez, Sergi Querol Giner

Carme Canals Suris, Cecilia Gonzalez Santesteban, Cristina Prat Vidal, Dinara Samarkanova, Eduardo Muñiz Diaz, Elena Gomez Massa, Emma Enrich Rande, Francesc Rudilla Salvador, Gemma Aran Canals, Irene Corrales Insa, Iris Garcia Martinez, Joaquim Delgadillo Duarte, Julio Castaño Cardoso, Laia Closa Gil, Laia Miquel Serra, Laura Martin Fernandez, Lluis Martorell Cedres, Luciano Rodriguez Gomez, Margarita Codinach Creus, Maria Jose Herrero Mata, Maria Piron, Marta Bes Maijo, Marta Rodriguez Aliberas, Nina Borras Agusti, Rut Mora Buch, Silvia Sauleda Oliveras

PhD Students
Carlos Hobeich Naya, Carme Azqueta Molluna, Elena Valdivia Garcia, Helena Pasamar Garijo, Jesus Fernandez Sojo, Miriam Aylagas Garcia, Monica Linares Alberich, Raquel Gil Muro, Silvia Torrents Zapata, Sofia Alonso Mateos, Veronica Pons Escoll

Lab Technicians
Angie Rico Blazquez, Carina Lera Asensio, Lorena Ramirez Orihuela, Maria Tomas Marin, Mercedes Martinez Fernandez, Natalia Comes Fernandez, Sergio Huertas Torres








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ID-VITRORED: Obtaining in vitro red blood cells from IPSCs of donors with erythrocyte phenotypes selected and optimised by genomic editing, as an alternative to current red cell panels
Principal Investigator: Núria Nogués Gálvez
Agency: Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities
Funding: 249,614.37€
Period: 2018 – 2022

Addressing inherited haemorrhagic disorders of complex etiology through the application of a common exome sequencing strategy
Principal Investigator: Francisco Vidal Perez
Agency: Carlos III Institute of Health
Funding: 99,220€
Period: 2019 – 2022

Pericardial matrix with mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of patients with infarcted myocardial tissue
Principal Investigator: Joan Garcia López
Agency: Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities
Funding: 145,200€
Period: 2018 - 2021

iPS-PANIA: Allogeneic IPSCs from homozygous umbilical cord blood units for high-prevalence haplotypes
Principal Investigator: Sergi Querol Giner
Agency: Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities
Funding: 197,804.08€
Period: 2018 - 2022

T-CELBANC: Creation of a national bank of specific T lymphocytes for immediate use in opportunistic post-transplant infections
Principal Investigator: Sergi Querol Giner
Agency: Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities
Funding: 269,337.16€
Period: 2018 – 2022