We observed persistent thrombocytopenia predicts thrombotic risk in antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) patients. Well-managed obstetric APS patients reached a successful outcome in 80% of pregnancies. We described differential lymphocyte phenotype profiles to discriminate between Sjgren's and Sicca syndromes. In inflammatory myopathies we described how to classify and manage their diagnosis in adult patients. We identified biomarkers in idiophatic and inherited angioedema for phenotype classification. We found gene and molecular signatures in scleroderma and vasculitis improve clinic stratification of these patients. In a long-term follow up study, we described angiogenic and cardivascular risk factors in pre-eclamptic pregnancies. In patients with bioimplants, we found a haplotype as a risk factor for developing autoimmune disorders. Finally, we studied immune mechanisms involved in thrombosis in COVID-19 patients with antiphospholipid antibodies and their risk of developing Long-Covid.

Group Leader
Jaume Alijotas Reig

Principal Investigator (PI)
Francesc Miró Mur, Albert Selva O’Callaghan, Carmen Pilar Simeón Aznar, Roser Solans Laqué, Josep Pardos Gea, Moisés Labrador Horrillo, Segundo Buján Rivas, Mar Guilarte Clavero, Victòria Cardona Dahl

Anna Sala Cunill, Alfredo Guillén del Castillo, Olga Luengo Sánchez, Fernando Martínez Valle, Jaume Mestre Torres, Enrique Esteve Valverde

PhD Students
Ariadna Anunciación Llunell, Joana Marques Soares

Lab Technicians
Daniel Granados Pino








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Design of an integrative patient stratification approach for the systemic sclerosis management.
Principal Investigator: Carmen Pilar Simeón Aznar
Agency: Marató TV3
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Period: 2021-2023

Identificación de biomarcadores celulares y moleculares en angioedema idiopático y hereditario para su diferenciación en fenotipos y endotipos.
Principal Investigator: Mar Guilarte Clavero
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Trastorns autoimmunes i al·loimmunes i la seva relació amb trastorns reproductius
Principal Investigator: Jaume Alijotas Reig
Agency: Private funding: Fundació ONA Futura
Funding: 135,000€
Period: 2021-2023

Physiopathological basis of the systemic manifestations of long COVID
Principal Investigator: Jaume Alijotas Reig
Agency: Fundació Althaia
Funding: 16,000€
Period: 2021-2022