We are recently consolidated group (2021) composed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals from various clinical / basic grounds (doctors, nursing andtechnical staff) coming from Vall dHebron University Hospital (HUVH/VHIR), Banc de Sang i Teixits of Catalua (BST) and LEITAT Technological Centre.
We aim to investigate the search for innovative strategies to optimize the process of donation, preservation, processing, and transplantation of organs, tissues and cells in order to increase their availability, expand their functionality, and improve their quality and safety, so they contribute to better health outcomes.
Another of our goals is to deepen into the characterization of the damaging mechanisms that operate in the ischemia-reperfusion process during donation and transplantation in order to develop practices that allow us to prevent, minimize or treat them.

Group Leader
Alberto Sandiumenge Camps

Principal Investigator (PI)
Alberto Sandiumenge, Javier Jose Puig Galy, Teresa Pont, Maria Deu.

Christopher Mazo, David Lorente, Mario Alonso Narvaez, Ana Vilarodona, M.Luisa Perez Rodriguez, Cristina Castells Sala, Esteve Trias adroher, Cristina Bernadó Morales

PhD Students
Aroa Gomez Brey, Joaquin Fernandez Doblas.

Lab Technicians
Alejandro Barquero Lemus, , Elba Agusti Rovira

Nursing and Technical Staff
Jose Ignacio Rodriguez Martinez, Andres Savio Lopez, Caros Torrico Leon, Irene Salvadro Roses, Carmen Valles, Lis Vidal








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Randomized, multicentre study aimed to determine the impact of the use of mechanical insufflation-exsufflation (MI-E) or mechanical cough assistant during the maintenance of the deceased donor on the optimization and increase of lung pool for transplantation.
Principal Investigator: Alberto Sandiumenge
Agency: Fundación Invest. Médica Mutua Madrileña
Funding: 40,000 €
Period: 2021-23

Multicentre study aimed to evaluate the effect of the pre-transplantation statin exposure of both the donor and the recipient on the inflammatory response and development of recipient grade III PGD.
Principal Investigator: Alberto Sandiumenge
Agency: Instituto de Salud Carlos III.
Funding: 68,000€
Period: 2019-2022

Advanced Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches using Human-derived Liver Cells
Principal Investigator: VHIR-HUVH (Alberto Sandiumenge, Ernest Hidalgo, Jesus Quintero); ReadyCell (Lourdes Gombau) ; Leitat (Esteve Trias)
Agency: Proyectos de Colaboracion Publico-Privada. Plan de Recuperacion Trasformacion y Resiliencia. Ministerio de España
Funding: Pending
Period: 2022-26

ECaBox “Eyes in a Care Box”: Regenerating human retina in resuscitated cadaveric eyes. Multicentre, international trial.
Principal Investigator: VHIR-HUVH: Teresa Pont / Leitat : Esteve Trias / UB: Ricardo Caserolli
Agency: Agencia Europea CCE: Horizon 2020
Funding: 355,2143.75€
Period: 2021-2025

End of life care and donation process. Catalonian Multicentre Study
Principal Investigator: Alberto Sandiumenge
Agency: Fundació de Investigació Victor Grifols i Lucas
Funding: 5,000€
Period: 2022-23