Our group has continued to work on our main overarching project the Migraine Adaptive Brain Program.
Migraine is complex hereditary brain disorder, which helps us understand how the brain communicates and adapts to change through the sensory processing of internal and external stimuli. Our mission is to study brain function by analyzing how neural networks adapt, respond and communicate with cognitive circuits and the environment through sensory networks, and to transfer this knowledge to diagnose, treat and prevent brain disorders, such as migraine. We also aim to develop evidence-based approaches to enhance individual abilities and non-cognitive skills, and improve brain sense technological devices, with the ultimate goal of promoting self-knowledge and globally increasing the quality of life. Once these functions are better understood we will improve individual abilities and develop therapeutic solutions.

Group Leader
Patricia Pozo Rosich

Principal Investigator (PI)
Patricia Pozo Rosich

Marta Torres Ferrús, Adrià Vilà Balló, Xim Cerdà Company, Nara Ikumi Montserrat, Marta Vila Pueyo, Erika Ivanna Araya

PhD Students
Alicia Alpuente Ruiz, Angela Barbara Martí Marca, Edoardo Caronna, Victor José Gallardo López

Lab Technicians
Laila Asskour

Nursing and Technical Staff
Eulalia Giné Cipres, Myriam Olivé Díaz, Anna de la Torre Suñé, Victor José Gallardo López, Albert Muñoz Vendrell








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SYNCHRO: Sense, rhYthm & Networks: the study of how erenumab modulates CHROnic migraine.
Principal Investigator: Patricia Pozo Rosich
Agency: Novartis
Funding: 230,000€
Period: 2020-2021

BIOMIGA: A multidisciplinary approach to the identification of BIOmarkers of MIGraine: a proof of concept study based on the stratification of responders to CGRP monoclonal Antibodies.
Principal Investigator: Patricia Pozo Rosich
Agency: Instituto de Salud Carlos III/ERANet Neuron
Funding: 100,000€ VHIR/690,000€ Global
Period: 2020-2022

AhEAD: Algoritmo de predicción de Eficacia de Respuesta A tratamiento preventivo en pacientes con migraña crónica: marcaDores biológicos y clínicos.
Principal Investigator: Patricia Pozo Rosich
Agency: Instituto de Salud Carlos III– ISCIII (FIS)
Funding: 87,120€
Period: 2020-2022

Mecanismos, modulación y terapia del dolor crónico
Principal Investigator: Patricia Pozo Rosich
Agency: Generalitat de Catalunya
Funding: 131,250€
Period: 2020-2022