During 2021, CRIPS have developed basic, translational and clinical research in the field of the COVID-19 infection, including long-COVID-19, and therapeutics and management options to improve the outcome of infected subjects. Additionally, we conducted systematic reviews and meta-analysis to improve strategies to diagnose, prevent, improve management and solve clinical problems related to respiratory infections, sepsis & other severe infectious diseases, including immune-phenotypes in influenza and other respiratory viruses. CRIPS was conducting multidisciplinary & network research projects on ARDS, quality and implementation of clinical practice guidelines, definitions validation and algorithms of ventilator-associated events, including the children’s ICU. Likewise, we lead education & advanced research in critical care, sepsis & solid organ transplants.

Group Leader
Jordi Rello Condomines

Principal Investigator (PI)
Joan Balcells Ramirez

Yolanda Peña Lopez

PhD Students
Andrea Freixa Benavente, Carlos Jimenez Padilla, Raquel Martinez Reviejo, Marta Pere Peña, Sofia Tejada Magraner, Miriam Cristine Vah Machado

Nursing and Technical Staff
Anna Enrich Font, Beatriz Gracia Lillo, José Alejandro Marin Figuera, Maria Jose Muñoz Blanco, Tarsila Vieceli








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Efecto del tratamiento preoperatorio con estatinas tanto del donante como del receptor en la incidencia de disfunción primaria del injerto
Principal Investigator: Alberto Sandiumenge Camps
Agency: Instituto de Salud Carlos III
Funding: 62,920 €
Period: 2020-2022

Formación Online sobre limitación del tratamiento de soporte vital y el proceso de donación en muerte encefálica y asistólica para profesionales del paciente crítico
Principal Investigator: Alberto Sandiumenge Camps
Agency: Ministerio Sanidad, Asuntos Sociales
Funding: 35,000 €
Period: 2020-2021

Proceso de Donación y trasplante de órganos y tejidos (19ª edición)
Principal Investigator: Teresa Pont Castellana
Agency: Ministerio Sanidad, Servicios Sociales, Igualdad
Funding: 25,000 €
Period: 2020-2021

Influències genètiques i ambientals en la recuperació de lesió cerebral pediàtrica severa
Principal Investigator: Joan Balcells Ramirez
Agency: National Institutes of Health (USA)
Funding: 15,000 €
Period: 2016-2021

ASCEND (ARDS in Children and ECMO initiation strategies impact on Neuro-Development)
Principal Investigator: Joan Balcells Ramirez
Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Funding:  9,078.48 €
Period: 2017-2022