We have developed an advanced recipe for the production of cerium oxide nanoparticles, nanoceria. We have patented it and its application in Age-related MaculaDegeneration in a collyrium form. We have developed its GMP production and we hope to get our nanoceria to clinical trials. I am in conversations with acompany for licensing and further development. Also in epileptic rat brain slices and in vitro models of Parkinson. Nanoceria thanks to its capacity tobuffer excess ROS very efficiently, has the key to immunomodulation as never seen before, as we explain in a recent publication (vide infra). Besides, we have been able to grow different protein domains on AuNP surfaces. This was done to bring together Natural Killer and infected T-cells. The work has been patented, published, and licensed. We are also using gold with a cationic polymer to deliver mRNA, increasing transfection efficiency and promoting a slow release of mRNA to extend the expression of the desired proteins.

Group Leader
Victor Franco Puntes

PhD Students
Lena Montaña Ernst, Muriel Fraixenet Gusta, Joana Ramis Garcia








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CIBER-BBN Puntes group in nanoimmunology
Principal Investigator: Victor Puntes
Agency: ICIII
Funding: 50
Period: 2022 -

AFRODITA – AES (Advanced Functional nanopaRticles for multimODal treaTments of preeclampsiA)
Principal Investigator: Elena Carreras/Victor Puntes
Agency: ISCIII
Funding: 180,000€
Period: 2021-2023

Buzón Gómez, María José; Franco Puntes, Víctor; Astorga Gamaza, Antonio; López Borrajo, Mireya
Priority Number: WO/2021/023649
Priority Date: 02/08/2019
Applicants: VHIR 75% ICN2 12.5% ICREA 12.5%

Victor Franco Puntes, Eudald Casals Mercadal, Miguel Angel Zapata Victori, Anna Salas Torras, Anna Duarri Piqué, Anna Badia Perez, Josep Garcia Arumi.
Priority Number: EP21382320.6
Priority Date: 15/04/2020
Applicants: VHIR 75% ICN2 12.5% ICREA 12.5%