Drs. Gil and Colas founded the spin-off MiMARK Diagnostics, S.L. in January 2021 to develop innovative solutions for women Health as a result of innovations developed in the group. The group keeps working in to develop a non-invasive diagnosis of endometrial cancer, and this project was granted with an ERA PerMed project. In endometriosis, we focused on biomarker research to unveil biomarkers of endometrioma recurrence. In the clinical research group, we conducted several multicenter national studies through the research network of the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (Spain GOG, SEGO), and international clinical studies (RACC study in early cervical cancer, and SENTICOL III on the sentinel node study in cervical cancer), with excellent results. We are also a center accredited by the ESGO for the formation of fellowships and for the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer. Finally, we opened a new research line on diseases of the low genital tract.

Group Leader
Antonio Gil Moreno

Principal Investigator (PI)
Eva Colás, Silvia Cabrera

Cristian Pablo Moiola, Maria Asunción Perez Benavente, Cristina Centeno, Montserrat Cubo, Melissa Bradbury, Vicente Bebia, Natalia Rodríguez, Javier De la Torre Fdez, Laura Mañalich, Natalia Rodríguez Gómez-Hidalgo, Ana Luzarraga, Jose Luis Poza, Sabina Salicrú, José Luis Sánchez Iglesias, Elena Suarez, Mireia Armengol, Anna Ruano, Ángel García Jiménez

PhD Students
Taya Melnychuk, Eva Coll de la Rubia, Carlos López Gil, Armando Reques Llanos, Carina Masferrer Ferragutcasas, Beatriz Vilafranca Magdalena

Lab Technicians
Marta Rebull, Melek Denizli, Irene de la Calle

Nursing and Technical Staff
Elisabeth Olivan








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IF: 5.482

CytoMARK: Development of a personalised non-invasive diagnosis of endometrial cancer using proteomic markers in cervical fluids and clinical data
Principal Investigator: Eva Colas
Agency: European Comission; Instituto de Salud Carlos III; Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer
Funding: 824,933 €
Period: 2022-2025

MiMARK – WildCard Women Health Edition
Principal Investigator: Eva Colas & Antonio Gil
Agency: EiTHealth
Funding: 1,500,000 €
Period: 2021-2022

Desarrollo de una herramienta no invasiva para el diagnóstico precoz del cáncer de endometrio
Principal Investigator: Eva Colás
Agency: Instituto de Salud Carlos III (PI20/00644)
Funding: 135,520 €
Period: 2021- 2023

Nuevas estrategias para incrementar efectividad de los tratamientos con ABTL0812 (EFFICACY)
Principal Investigator: Eva Colas
Agency: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (MINECO)(RTC-2017-6261-1)
Funding: 1,873,908 €
Period: 2018-2021

Targeting the most aggressive type of endometrial carcinoma
Principal Investigator: Antonio Gil
Agency: Fundacion Cientifica Asociacion Española Contra el Cancer (AECC)
Funding: 1,000,000 €
Period: 2018-2023

Biomarkers for endometrial cancer
Priority Number: EP21382680.3
Priority Date: 23/07/2021
Applicants: 100% VHIR

Markers for endometrial cancer
Priority Number: PCT/EP2018/069841
Priority Date: 21/07/2017
Applicants: 100% VHIR

Markers of endometrial cancer
Priority Number: PCT/EP2017/057635
Priority Date: 04/05/2016
Applicants: 100% VHIR