Drug resistance is the principal limiting factor to achieving good survival rates in patients with cancer. The identification of potential biomarkers for diagnosis and prognostic prediction, as well as the design of new molecular-targeted treatments, will be essential to improving head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) patient outcomes. In this sense, the sensitization of resistant cells and cancer stem cells (CSCs) represents a major challenge in cancer therapy. We conducted a proteomic study involving cisplatin-resistance and CSCs with the aim to unravel the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which tumor cells acquire resistance to chemotherapy. Syntenin-1 (SDCBP) was identified as an important protein involved in the chemoresistance and stemness of HNSCC tumors.
On the other hand, we have characterize the CIRBP protein as a novel biomarker in breast cancer (luminal tumors).

Group Leader
Matilde Lleonart Pajarin

Principal Investigator (PI)
Juan Lorente Guerrero, Sergi Benavente Norza, Josep Castellvi Vives, Jordi Temprana Salvador

Yoelsis García Mayea

PhD Students
Cristina Mir Pérez, Almudena Sánchez García, Marina Bataller Fernandez

Nursing and Technical Staff
Maria Isabel Rodriguez Hernández








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IF: 6.639

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Nuevas aproximaciones terapéuticas en cáncer de cabeza y cuello.
Principal Investigator: Matilde E. LLeonart
Agency: Ministerio de Sanidad
Funding: 180,000 €
Period: 2021-2024

Novel Therapeutic approaches against COVID-19
Principal Investigator: Matilde E. LLeonart
Agency: Fundació La Marató TV3
Funding: 250,000 €
Period: 2022-2025

Tumors of low prevalence
Principal Investigator: Santiago Ramón y Cajal
Agency: Ministerio de Sanidad
Funding: -
Period: 2017-2021